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Business Getting Started Webdesign

Getting start in business is a major step for any new company, but getting the correct business packages web sites on the internet is one sure way of generating more online sales and increase your chances on all new business sales. Qtellbusinesstrader offer all different packages for new business start ups and with all web design packages you get the full search engine optimization in all major search engines today, looking at your existing web site, Qtellbusinesstrader can get your business to the front page Google and below is one example of search engine optimization for all new business web design

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How to use the Content Management system for ecommerce web design, once you have received the login in details for you web site and you have enabled cookies and you can login, the first thing you will find in the administration  side of the web site, this part controls very section of the live web site on the internet.

Every time you make a change in the administration and save the changes to view the changes on the web site you have to refresh the live web site, this is for every thing for search engine optimization to colour changes. Please follow the order below for starting your new web site.

  1. Welcome---Click Here
  2. Express Set Up Wizard---Click Here
  3. Update Your Profile---Click Here
  4. Search Engine Optimization---Click Here
  5. Payment Methods---Click Here
  6. Shipping Management---Click Here
  7. Free Tools You Need---Click Here


After you have view all the free online video’s you can now proceed to building your web site and custom design all the parts, for the complete list of video’s Click Here

For all questions and answers view below

Frequent asked questions for the Qtellbusinesstrader web site, this section id for all your questions that are for free websites.

All the questions are based on video’s download to you computer making answers very quick so you can proceed with the construction of your new flash web design web site.

If you can’t find the answer to any questions you have please e-mail info@qtellwebdesign.ie and Qtelltrader staff will make a video in the forum section of Qtelltrader web site and a return e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address.

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1.       How do I use the Qtellbusinesstrader web site >> Click Here
2.       How do I get my 14 day free trial >>  Click Here
3.       How do I get started with the free trial >> Click Here
4.       Do I need any special training to make a web site >> Click Here
5.       Do I need a special computer to make my web site >> Click Here
6.       Do I need to make an account at Qtellbusinesstrader >> Click Here
7.       How do I pay for my web site >> Click Here
8.       Why do I need to download video’s for my web site >> Click Here
9.       Do I need to learn any special computer code >> Click Here
10.   Will I be able to find my web site in Google Yahoo MSN Or Any Other Major Search Engines >> Click Here
11.   What is a Search Engine >> Click Here
12.   What is a web browser >> Click Here
13.   What is http >> Click Here
14.   Where do I find my http >> Click Here
15.   What is copy and paste >> Click Here
16.   I have a web site how do I find how many links it has >> Click Here
17.   What are links >> Click Here
18.   Do I need links for my new web site >> Click Here
19.   How do I save my video file’s >> Click Here
20.   I cant get any video’s to play on my computer >> Click Here For Vlc Media Player Web Site >> Click Here
21.   What training do I receive for my new web site >> Click Here
22.   Can I cancel my free trial at any time >> Click Here
23.   How do I pay for the full service and get my 1 year 60 dollar web site with flash free web site >> Click Here
24.   My year is just about up how do I pay for the web site for another year >> Click Here
25.   Does my web site come with flash design >> Click Here
26.   What is a flash design >> Click Here
27.   Can I have as many web sites as I like >> Click Here
28.   Can the 60 dollar web site be used for anything else than shopping web site >> Click Here
29.   Do I need to pay for any special software >> Click Here
30.   Is there support on this web site >> Click Here
31.   Can this web site be used for any business or personal website >> Click Here
32.   I’m not in business can I still have a web site >> Click Here
33.   Can I have Paypal Or Google check outs on this web site >> Click Here
34.   Do I need to pay for downloading the video’s >> Click Here
35.   I have a web site can I link this to my new 60 dollar web site >> Click Here
36.   How long does it take to build a web site >> Click Here
37.   Can I use this web site in any part of the world >>  Click Here
38.   Can I use my existing e-mail address >> Click Here
39.   What is a url >> Click Here
40.   What is the hosting for my web site >> Click Here
41.   What is my broadband speed, and do I need broadband >> Click Here Global Speed Test Wesite >> Click Here
42.   Why have you done all the training in video >> Click Here
43.   Does this web site come with all the shipping management >> Click Here 
44.   What is a plug-in >> Click Here
45.   Can I change the colors on this web site >> Click Here
46.   Do I have full control of this type of web site >> Click Here
47.   Can I save the video after I have download from the Qtelltrader web site >> Click Here For Winrar Download Page >> Click Here
48.   What is SEO >> Click Here And why do I need this SEO >> Click Here And do I get this free >> Click Here
49.   What is right click on my mouse and why do I need to use this for my web site and do computer have this >> Click Here
50.   Does the web site software work with vista >> Click Here
51.   Why are these web sites so cheap >> Click Here
52.   How do I make buttons for my web site >> Click Here
53.   Is all the software used in the building of my web site free >> Click Here
54.   What is CMS >> Click Here
55.   Can I put my countries tax rates in to these free web sites >> Click Here
56.   How many different accounts can I use on this free trial web sites >> Click Here
57.   How do I know if I get a order >> Click Here
58.   Can I check who has looked at my web site >> Click Here
59.   How good is the shopping cart system for Google Yahoo And Msn >> Click Here
60.   How do I find my key words for my web site >> Click Here
61.   Sometimes I cant hear you voice on the video’s >> Click Here
62.   Can I use many different currency’s on the web site >> Click Here
63.   Can I damage the web site >> Click Here
64.   How do I store my pictures and why >> Click Here
65.   What is copy and paste >> Click Here
66.   I have flash design’s for sale can I sell on Qtelltrader web site >> Click Here
67.   What are terms and conditions >> Click Here
68.   What is a forum >> Click Here
69.   What is VAT >> Click Here
70.   I sell on e-bay, Amazon can I have a web site >> Click Here
71.   Can I make a web site that has pornographic nature >> Click Here
72.   Can I use these web sites for drop ship or any type of business >> Click Here
73.   What does a franchise mean and how do I get one >> Click Here
74.   What other business is Qtellwholesale Limited involved in >> Click Here
75.   What are internet scammers >> Click Here

These are a small amount of frequent asked questions on Qtellbusinesstrader web design web site if there are any questions not covered in the frequent asked questions please go to support and submit to Qtellbusinesstrader staff or e-mail
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